The Foodie Who Can’t Cook: Part 2

After spending the last several weekends in Atlanta getting Chef Hubby settled into his condo for the summer, I finally had a free weekend at home. I decided to make the most of it and cook a real dinner for myself. (Why are you snickering?) In a moment of seemingly delusional hope, I leafed through a Bon Appetit magazine looking for a recipe easy enough for a monkey to figure out. And in a bizarre twist of fate, I actually found one! Halibut fillet with squash, shallots, cherry tomatoes and basil. Simple, fresh and healthy. Jackpot!

The trick to this dish, I soon learned, was that everything had to be wrapped – rather carefully – in delicate parchment paper. And there is a technique to this, not unlike the long-lost art of Origami. Luckily, Chef Hubby was only a text message away, and with the help of my camera phone (i.e. pix sent every 5 min. with the subject line “Does this look right???”), I was able to pull it off.

After cooking at 400° for 15 min. and preparing a side of Israeli toasted couscous, I had a fairly presentable meal.

Then Chef Hubby sent me a photo of what he made for dinner last night and I wanted to punch him. Seared squab (what the hell is squab?) and veal mousse with truffle vinaigrette and bean trio. Whatever. I’m sticking to my fish fillets with veggies.


4 thoughts on “The Foodie Who Can’t Cook: Part 2

  1. That noise is the sound of my head hitting the floor as I faint………Ms. C.Quest I didn’t think you would ever learn to cook! ; ) Atta girl!

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